Welcome to DESTINY Ministry Training School. We are a training school for men and women currently in the ministry, and those who aspire to the ministry. We teach believers to do the work of the ministry more effectively.

DESTINY Ministry Training School: Hands-on & Practical

  • Ever dream of earning your degree, but couldn’t afford to ‘go away’ to college? Now you can earn a degree, through courses taught right at your own church. That’s right. Your church can start a campus, and help members earn their degrees by attending classes only one night per week.
  • You can also use our courses to enhance/ train aspiring leaders to help do the work of God. How? Each of our courses are designed to provide excellence in training for students in Bible Study classes, or small group settings.
  • Now you can advance yourself, and become prepared to accomplish something great for God. Not sure where to start? Thanks to a hands-on approach to leader training, we are able to show leaders how important they are to the flock, what their role is intended to be, and how to minister effectively to the body of Christ.
  • DESTINY Ministry Training School: We seek to impact leaders through hands-on, practical training.  We teach believers how to become leaders. And as leaders, we will help you to see needs more clearly; meet needs more efficiently, and represent Christ more faithfully in everything they do. Leader training concentrates on “reaching lives with passion, changing lives with power, and living life with purpose.”
  • Email us for more information at: Destinyministry@gmail.com.
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Destiny: USA & International

At Destiny Ministry Training School we seek to impact leaders through Biblical Training:  We teach leaders to see needs more clearly, to meet needs more efficiently, and to represent Christ well in all they do.

Ministry training is a worldwide (universal) need. Jesus told His disciples, “The harvest is ripe, but the laborers are few.” Thankfully, Jesus didn’t just identify problems, and leave us wondering how to solve them. He showed us how to solve the problem. “Pray therefore, the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers into the harvest.” The answer to this problem is the same today, as it was then. We need more leaders and workers trained / equipped, if we are going to fulfill the Lord’s call to “make disciples of all nations.

We will help you establish a local campus in your church or community throughout the USA, or in nations around the world. Leader training will concentrate on “reaching lives with passion, changing lives with power, and living life with purpose.”

Email us for more information on starting a campus in your church, community or nation: Destinyministry@gmail.com.

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Contact Us For More Information

Did you know? You can start an accredited Ministry Training School in your church, and help your members earn accredited degrees, by attending classes only one night per week?

You can also use our courses to train (equip) aspiring leaders to do the work of the ministry. Our courses make excellent standalone courses for Bible Study classes.

Find out more – email us today: destinyministry@gmail.com.

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DMTS Helps Train Believers for Ministry

Practical Ministry

Practical Ministry, offers practical, hands-on help for training leaders, and the resources needed to train believers, and existing leaders, to do the work of the Lord. Whether you are an existing leader, pastor, or potential leader, we believe Practical Ministry will help you do ministry more effectively.

Although Practical Ministry is used extensively in the Destiny Ministry Training School, it is designed for use in group, Church and individual studies. We recommend purchasing a Study Guide for even better results.

Did you know? Polls show the average church leader feels inadequately trained to successfully fulfill the duties they have been given. Studies also have found a lack of training to be one of the leading causes of burn-out with leaders on every level of ministry.

The hands-on approach in Practical Ministry will help you prepare new believers for service, and help existing leaders do it more effectively.

Practical Ministry includes the following sections:

  • Prepared to Serve: training the heart, discovering God’s call
  • Roadmap to Success: learning what to avoid, as well as, what to do, to be successful.
  • Team Ministry: discover the secret to multiplying the church.
  • Keys to Successful Ministry: helping to develop emerging leaders among you.

Want to learn more about starting a Ministry Training School? Visit our website: DestinyMinistryTraining.com, or email Dr. Tom: Destinyministry@gmail.com.

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus’ own attitude toward Servanthood is revealed. Not only does He appreciate hard working people who are not afraid to get a little dirty, but the truth of the matter is, that our Lord – the God of heaven – actually embraces Servanthood in a real and personal way. So much so, in fact, that He forever links Himself, and His purpose for coming to earth, with the common work of servants.

In all we do, as servant-leaders for Christ, we are called to serve well. Practical Ministry will give you a clear, easy-to-follow roadmap for successful leadership.

Practical Ministry is now available on this website, and through Amazon.com.

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Ministry Training Schools – Surprising Benefits

Did you know there are additional benefits people, churches, and even the world will enjoy from churches establishing Ministry Training Schools in their community.

1. Evangelism: Bet you never thought of Ministry Training Schools as evangelistic outreach ministries. But they’re actually one of the most effective ways of reaching this (and future) generations for the Lord. How? Consider an example from SE Asia: in SE Asia, a Ministry Training School graduates 30-50 new ministers every summer. Upon graduation, the leaders promptly take their grads into the mountains of several surrounding nations, and evangelize (near and distant) villages. After holding special meetings for several days, villages experience a powerful move of God, and most (of not all) villagers gets saved. Once a village is won for Christ, they leave one of their new graduates as the pastor of that village for the rest of his or her life.

They repeat this process all summer long, until the entire team is sown into ministry. They have already planted several hundred churches, and are seeing revival break out out all over SE Asia.

Now, consider how many thousands of people are being saved annually, as a result of just one Ministry Training School. When you multiply that effect all over the world, the fruit they bear for the kingdom is amazing.

2. Stabilize the Move of God. Years ago, when Africa was first being evangelized, some of the missionaries insisted on planting regional Ministry Training Schools as soon as people accepted Christ. Those who established Ministry Training Centers saw the churches in the region become stable, as they were firmly planted in the Word, and those churches/ movements that begun in the 1940’s and 50’s are still going strong, and have stayed true to the Lord all these years.

(continue reading…)

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DMTS: Earn A Degree

Through Destiny Ministry Training School, not only will you be given high-quality instruction in servant-leadership principles, discover your gifting, and become equipped for the journey ahead, but you also will be given the opportunity of applying the credits you earn, through courses taken at DMTS to a bachelor, master or doctoral degree through Vision International University, Ramona, California.

Vision is a worldwide leader in Christian education, and offers quality accredited degrees to their students, in numerous majors. Find out more about starting a Vision International University / Destiny Ministry Training School Resource Center in your church or community, and help your students achieve their dreams today.

Destiny Ministry Training Schools use the adult-accelerated method of learning, in which students attend class one night per week, for four weeks, Those who complete the course requirements will earn the equivalent of 3 credit hours toward a degree through Vision University. And best of all, you can earn an accredited degree without disrupting your life, losing income by quitting your job and moving away to attend college, or interfere with your family’s lifestyle.

Destiny Ministry Training School is one of the best bargains in the country at $50 per course (3 credit hour equivalent). To find out how you can start a campus in your church, email us at: Destinyministry@gmail.com. One of our ministry representatives will help you get your church/ people started on the road to effective ministry today.

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New Book: Prepared to Lead

Just Released: Prepared to Lead, is now available to purchase through our online bookstore (see Bookstore tab), or through Amazon.com. You can also buy, Prepared To Lead, from our Main Office (email us at Destinyministry@gmail.com).

Prepared to Lead is now available in the Kindle, and Nook format. You can also download a free eBook Reader from Barnes and Noble.com, or Amazon.com for your portable electronic device (Android, iPad, iPhone, Sony Reader, etc). EBooks are available throughwww.Amazon.com and through BarnesandNoble.com.

Prepared to Lead is a must-have book for those aspiring to leadership, and existing leaders, as well.

Description: Every believer has been called to do something to advance the kingdom of God, but many Christian workers (ministers) haven’t been equipped to do the work of the ministry effectively.  Now is the time to learn how to lead with excellence, according to God’s design. Are you ready to make a difference?

List Price: $14.95 (paperback), $9.53 (Kindle or Nook – eBook)
6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
204 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0982735275
ISBN-10: 0982735278
BISAC: Religion / Leadership
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Announcing Kindle, Nook Versions!

News: Nine (9) of Dr. Tom’s books are now available in the Kindle and Nook eBook format; Including: Prepared to Lead, Keys to Successful Leadership, Practical Ministry (1&2), Rescuing Peter, and others. This is very exciting news indeed. For the first time in history, more eBooks were sold than books printed on paper. And we are thrilled to make many of our books available to you on two of the best selling electronic book formats (Nook & Kindle).

Kindle eBooks are available through Amazon.com, and Nook eBooks are available through BarnesandNoble.com. Even if you don’t have a Kindle or Nook reader, you can still buy eBooks in either format, and read them on your iPad, iPhone, computer, Sony Reader, Android device, and many more. How? All you need to do is download a free eBook reader from BarnesandNoble, or Amazon, order your instant downloadable book online, and you’re ready to be reading in minutes!

Ebook versions of Dr. Tom’s books are priced in the $9 range. (Prices vary per book). Hope you enjoy, and thanks for buying!

Websites: Destinyministry.netTomCannon.org, and DestinyMinistryTraining.com

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Start A DESTINY Resource Center

For more information on starting a Destiny Ministry Training School Resource Center in your church, or community, please email Dr. Tom Cannon at: Destinyministry@gmail.com.

We have campuses in cities throughout the USA, and have been asked to plant campuses in several nations already. We are passionate about Ministry Training Schools, because they help equip believers to do the work of God – and that translates into stronger, healthier, growing churches, and more souls being won for Christ, as people discover their giftings, and begin walking in them.

If you’re tired of doing the work alone, or with too few, or poorly trained team members, now is the time to take the easy (1-2-3) steps to change the status quo, and get the help you need, to do ‘the greatest work of all.’

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